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Beached As Bro – “The Nomads” Race the NZ Enduro

No PIsco No Disco -The Nomads tackle the Andes Pacifico

The Nomads, Chris Johnston and Dylan Wolsky tackle the four day Andes Pacifico Enduro race in Chile. Featuring first hand experience and interviews from riders during this unique adventure from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. This was an amazing race to kick of 2015 and something that everyone should have on their bucket list.





Santa Cruz Bronson Pics before dropping into stage one at the Andes Pacifico!

IMG_6256 IMG_6257 IMG_6253 IMG_6255 IMG_6252

2015 Andes Pacifico Photo Epic / Chris Johnston returns for redemption and lands a spot on the podium!!!!!


Check it out in the link below on NSMB –


Wolsky back in Australia on the 5010!

The Final Shred with Chris Johnston

Superburl Monday!!!!


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