FVMBA #2 – Bear Mtn Super D

Perfect break-in race for the Nomad!  After spending so much time on a 4″ bike, the Nomad feels like endless travel and traction.  I was so enthused to share my first impressions with others on the way up, that I missed my start time by a minute…

Weather wasn’t as kind as last week.  Riders were greeted with rain, sleet, and snow at the start gate.  Thank you to  the FVMBA crew who set-up a fire pit to keep our mitts warm while waiting.  Waited I did, as I ended up racing last.  The course was a muddy mess, in a good kind of way.  The Nomad was unleashed and had a mind of its own. It pedaled hard, cornered hard, affirmatively weaved its way through Bear’s rocky traverse, without a hint of hesitation.  I was keen to let it do its thing, as to tell you the truth, I had forgotten how forgiving a Fox 36 / 6″ travel bike / slack geometry / sticky tire combination actually is.  Scared at first, the not so little Nomad quickly put my fears to rest.  I got into it and we had an overall clean, sometimes loose, clearly grin-inducing run.



Race recap here:  http://www.fvmba.com/2012/03/12/bear-mountain-super-d-results/#more-1981



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