FVMBA #3 – Vedder Super D

Vedder is a series favourite for many.  Mostly down, scooper berm galore and jump mayhem.  It’s rare around here not to be constantly duking it out with roots and rocks for every square inch of trail.  Vedder is smooth, but not buff.  A solid all-around course that rewards high stamina, downhill kapow, getting your jump on, and, as usual, a good pair of lungs.

In true early season racing fashion, a snowy start set the tone.  Chris was loose and fast, and it payed off.  Resting on my laurels, I took the safe, boring, approach, and had a clean, boring, run.  Clean and safe are not good enough when Johnston is around. Glad to have Chris back.  Chris has and always will be a threat.  Now that he is not limited by his equipment, I’m not too sure what to think…. it’s going to be an exciting year!




Mr.  Seb Kemp joined us for an all Santa Cruz / Marx Conditioning podium.

FVMBA race video here


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