FVMBA #4 – Red Mountain XC

Quite the surprise driving to the Fraser Valley this morning…


Matt Scott decided to run today’s race on the lower part of the course as access to the upper area was compromised.  Yep, I could see that. 

Race was short (25mins) and challenging in its own right.  The steep fire road was covered in snow and restricted any form of passing on the climb.  Easy to get stuck in a rut, start spinning, and burn a lot of energy just staying up-right.  The running start was interesting, and definitely got everyone well warmed up.  Mostly it avoided what would of been a circus act of a congestion at the start of the road.  Started off strong, with a decent lead into the trail.  Maintained the gap for a while, onto loop number two, where I proceeded to fall off a bridge into a pond.  I was a little too effective at making myself forget the trail was covered in snow and omitted to be cautious on the frozen ladder bridge.  From the outside, it was probably pretty funny.  Slippity slip, right into the muck.  Mr. Wells, bridged the gap and took the lead.  Tried to overcome him in the last few minutes, but the man is quick and knows the trail well.  No luck for me.  Good action-packed race!




Nice work Wells.



Chris and I shared the podium today again. 



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