FVMBA #5 – Sumas All-Mountain – Spring Series Final

Chris and I headed out to Sumas on the Saturday for a quick reconnaissance mission.  Sumas course is quite tight, definitely technical, and clearly a lung-buster. Blur TR’s no doubt were the weapon of choice for this race.  Any more bike would have been too much. A top five tomorrow would allow me to take home the overall.  Chris was a little less pressured, as he hadn’t raced the whole series.  Obviously, this wasn’t going to stop him from an honest effort.  Chris rides for fun, races to win. 

The Sumas race was the FVMBA Spring Series Finale, as well as the grand opening of the Sumas Mountain mountain bike trail-network.  The legitimate mountain bike specific trail network came to fruition thanks to the collaboration of the FVMBA and Mission municipality.  Gary Harder & Co were the voice for riders of the Fraser Valley and have put countless hours in working with the municipality to legitimize the Sumas trail network.  The trails here are high quality, very fun to ride, and the steps taken to legalize them are highly commendable.  Thank you!

Here is the main staging area of the race and the trailhead of the network:


Quick morning pre-run of the top of the course did not go as smoothly as intended.  Conditions were optimal, and there was lots of traction to be had.  I peeled my rear tire off the rim only a few feet from the access road.  A quick tire change later and the TR was back in action:


Chris finished his pre-run solo, no further mechanicals to report. We both headed up to our starts. 

Upped my air pressure for race run, but apparently, that wasn’t enough.  Only a few turns in to the trail a perfect corner got the best of my front tires bead.  Not much notice to be had.  Off I went into a ladder bridge.  Scuffed up and bike out of commission I shook myself up and decided to run the rest of the course, bike on shoulder…Second to last place (a good 40 minute run) for me…

Chris had a clean run, with more gas in the tank than expected at the finish and came in second, behind a quick-as-usual Ricky Federeau. 


Cameron O’Donnell’s solid run put him into fourth and brought his points up to overall series winner. Consistency pays off! Nice work Cam!

Even though Chris only attended three of the five races, Chris collected enough points for a fifth place overall.

We’d like to thank Matt Scott and the FVMBA for organizing the perfect early season race series.  They braved the conditions to bring awesome courses, cash prizes and a great way to get some time on the new bikes! Image



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