Bend Oregon Enduro Day 1

After racing the Marathon XC race the Nimby Fifty it was time to head down to Oregon for the first round of the North American Enduro Tour! Enduro being our focus this year we were very excited to leave on our first trip as a team to take on the best enduro riders in North America. The Drive down into Bend off the I5 was refreshing with some amazing scenery to take in!

Clouds rolling in over the Three Sisters in the Cascade Range
Great views from Arthurs trusty T100

After getting into Bend Wednesday night we were keen to hit the trails early Thursday morning. Our Santa Cruz TRC’s will be our weapon of choice in Bend.

Getting ready to hit the trails

All three of us were stoked to dive into some new terrain. Bend is a little different from our riding in the sea to sky. Big ring flat out pedal fest with lots of dusty corner destruction is what greeted us in Bend and we loved every minute of it. We definetley had some star wars moments today fully pinned down singe track weaving in and out of the pine forrests everything just a blur.

Chris Johntons GoPro spent most of the time looking at his top tube today much to our disappointment. Being our first trip away we have plenty of oppurtunity to work on our social media and get all the finer details sorted so we can give people a little insight to our trips as we make our way through North America.



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