Chris Johnston Crowned Ripper King!!!! Wolsky 2nd at North Shore Ripper

Words – Dylan Wolsky, Photos – Lee Lau

On June 8,9th and 10th the Nomads made there way to the North Shore for three days of racing. Arthur still recovering from a concussion from our race in Bend sadly had to watch from the sideline. It was a decision that had to be made for him to start making a full recovery which was not easy when he knows the trails like the back of his hand. The North Shore to ride is awkward enough without having to race, its full of roots, rocks, wheel sized holes, slippery bridges and skinnies with multiple lines littered throughout the majority of the trails.

Logs, roots, rocks, skinnies and bridges keep you on your toes as you navigate the trail!

With this terrain present it would only seem right to bring out the Santacruz Nomads. We decided we would run full downhill tyres allowing us to plow our way through the rocky rooty terrain. It also was handy when my knowledge of the trails was not so great and allowed me to get away with some not so desirable lines in the heat of the moment.

Keeping the wheels down and weight even over the bike turning onto a slippery ladder corner at the start of TNT

The first day consisted of a chainless downhill on the Richard Juryn trail. The trail had some very fast sections and a lot of awkward on the bike scootering parts. Just when you felt like you were moving you would turn a corner and have your speed destroyed by a bunch of rocks and roots. This made for some very fun and random racing. Joe Schwartz all time nice guy, skinny king and legendary huck wizard won the race with his smooth flow and pump track prowess followed by Chris 2nd and myself 3rd.

Chris Johnston hunting down the Chainless course

Day Two consisted of the Euro Enduro, it was a 3 stage race and was meant to be a group ride out from the start at Inter River Park to our first stage. Some how the group ride was turned into the majority of people shuttling by car up to the first stage.  There was a few that made the entire pedal. Clark Lewis and myself managed to ride to the first stage. I think we went the longest way possible but we did eventually make it. For people that are not familiar with the enduro format, you only get timed on each stage and not the climbs between the stages. The person with the lowest time after completing the three timed stages is the winner. Chris Johnston operated like a boss and comfortably won the enduro, local shredder Cameron O’donnell was 2nd and myself 3rd.

To skinny or not to skinny was on every racers mind over the weekend. Sometimes slow skinnies would make up time over the trail and vise versa. Rider Katherine Short takes the faster option.

The final day was the Super D and in its second year running the course was pretty similar with a few climbs removed to make the course a little faster and more super d orientated. With trail names such as TNT, Severed dick and  C*^# buster  I knew I was in for a real treat or maybe just some destroyed gonads. The start of the Super D was on TNT and consisted of armoured roots and rocks and awkward corners with slippery wood, not a lot of dirt on this trail! Severed Dick starts off with more skinnies, its like a log truck exploded then a helicopter dropped a bucket of mud on top. The slippery gypsies that frequent the North Shore live for those conditions. The trail then speeds up with consistent fall line log drops and rolls, which were great, point and shoot action for the Nomad. The course was around 20minutes, Johnston was on a mission all weekend and the last day was no different when he snatched top spot, myself 2nd  and O’donnell 3rd.

Clark Lewis coming in hot to one of many skinny sections! Definetley had to keep your head on straight when your aproaching these in full race mode.

After the Super D we had a fun little trail rip with Andreas Hestler, Joe Shwartz, Clark Lewis and Cameron O’donnell to top of a fun weekend on the Shore. Chris Johnston dominated the weekend taking the Ripper King Tittle and he also won a pump for his efforts, myself in 2nd, Cameron O’donnell 3rd and  Joe Shwartz 4th.  The Nomads would also like to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers over the weekend that made the race possible!.       

Chris Johntson Ripper King!!!!!!!!!!!!

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