Love the Adventure

Its not the destination so much as the journey they say. Day one on the road for the Nomads was a little wild! We picked up all round shredder Joe Schwartz and made our way to Hood River Oregon for round three of the North American Enduro Tour. It would be the start of a month long road trip around America for Chris and myself, and a maiden voyage for our new Chevy camper van.

Chris behind the wheel just out side of Seattle was greeted with a mid highway rodeo as the left rear tire on the van blew out! Lucky we had the spare tire fixed and we were back on the road……

A few hours later myself behind the wheel was greeted with a shuddering noise and the van was vibrating. Thinking positive we thought it was just the highway. A second later “boom”! the right rear tyre blew out, rubber up in the air and smoke shooting out the back end. It was my turn now for the highway rodeo as i pulled the big rig to a stop on the side of the highway.

The van was silent we were devastated. No spare tire left we crawled along the side of the highway looking for the next exit. Luck was on our side and the next exit had a Wallmart and a tire center awaiting us! Woo!

We camped in the Wallmart carpark overnight and wheeled our shredded wheels over to the tire center in the morning for some fresh tread!  That morning we were back on the road and would be at Hood River by lunch time!


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