Canadian Open Enduro Day 2 Crankworx

Day two of Crankworx was the Canadian Open Enduro! The enduro was set over four stages, two of these stages in the bike park and two in the Whistler valley. The first stage was crank it up a long flowy and pedally double wide course with mellow table tops and massive berms which would be a great warm up to start the enduro.

Wolsky keeping it low and fast down “crank it up” seen him in 6th place on the first stage Max Houtzager photography

Stage two was lost lake, super fast and flowy single track weaving in and out of trees with a short climb in the middle of the course. The majority of people missed their start times coming into this stage which clearly shows in the results due to very short transistion times between stages.

Johntson pinned on stage 3 in rabbit tracks on the golden boner stage seen him hit 5th place on this technical tight stage. Max Houtzager photography

Stage 3 was “Golden Boner” a tight technical decent on Blackcomb Mountain with times just over 7 minutes.

Dylan weaving through the open alpine on the top of the world trail on stage 4. Photo Blake Jorgenson

Stage 4 would see riders hit a 20minute course starting at the peak of Whistler. The new trail ‘top of the world” would be the first trail the riders hit on course which would then flow down in to the lower Whistler bike park. Chris Johnston in his element cut loose and stormed to a third place finish on this stage only seconds behind Specialized rider Curtis Keene.

The final top 10 results after the four stages. Chris 6th and Dylan 9th overall.

Check Dirt TV for another great video from the Crankworx Enduro below it features Chris on stage 4 in the alpine.

Dirt TV Enduro Video


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