Nomadic Adventure

A phone call from Chris on Friday had me excited. Chris had two sea plane tickets he had won from last year that had to be used the following day. The flight was for two from Downtown Vancouver to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. He proposed the idea of taking our bikes with us on the plane flying into Sechelt and riding trail along the sunshine coast back to the Ferry at Langdale. Well this sounded great! Chris described it as the Nomads Team Camp! “All the factory enduro teams have team camps, this can be ours” he said laughing. I dont know what they do on these camps but all i know is we were going to have a solid epic on the bikes come tomorrow!

early start

I had an early start on my hands Saturday morning. Heading down from Whistler I had the option of parking at Horseshoe Bay close to the Ferry and riding 20k downtown Van too the Sea Plane Terminal. This sounded like a good plan, so when i get off the Ferry at the end of the day i could hobble back to my car and have a short trip back home. Leaving from Whistler I was up at 4am dominating a bowl of Weetabix! Every epic starts with Weetabix! I loaded up the black knight aka my VW golf and all round sea to sky highway froth mobile and was city bound.


The early morning ride from Horseshoe bay to downtown along Marine Drive was amazing. Looking down towards the Lions Gate Bridge the city was waking up and the sun was rising to a clear blue sky.

float plane depot

Chris was going to ride across the city from Kitsilano and meet us at the Sea Plane Terminal.

plain load

We loaded the Bronsons on to the Plane. We were lucky, if we had any other passengers booked for the flight our bikes would be staying behind. I wasn’t sure if those 650b wheels would fit into the plane. The pilot said they would fit but they are designing new planes to better accommodate this new wheel size and the large trolls that keep calling up about Enduro sea plane adventures.

in the air

The float plane ride was breath taking up and over the Lions Gate Bridge and out towards the Sunshine Coast. We landed at the Pub at Sechelt, perfect!

riding chis

We stopped in at “Off The Edge Adventure Sports” Old mate Gary at the shop kindly loaded us up with a Map and told us to follow the red dots! He sent us out on a few trails from the BC bike race that would eventually see us head through Roberts Creek then out towards Langdale.

photo copy

After missing a few key turns we climbed a bunch of fire roads too what felt like the moon! We then had to free bash a couple of clear cut areas to get back on track and onto the single track. Its not an adventure if you don’t get lost.


The sea plane pilot flew us over a couple of amazing waterfalls on the way in. We were lucky enough to pass them back on the trails!

dylan trail

Fire roads on the way up and single track all the way back down! We clocked just over 2000m of climbing during our ride!


Chris bar humping and jumping his way down a few jump trails in Roberts Creek!

little shredders

Heading out of Roberts Creek on the trail hwy 103 we hit up a nice fall line decent called Viper and then headed out towards Langley. We ran into these future little shredders riding some new trail just above the skills park!


After descending down to Langdale we seen all the traffic arriving off the Ferry. Sweet! a quick sprint down to the Ferry and we can make it on and back to Horseshoe Bay, perfect timing!

chris sk8 park

After arriving off the Ferry we headed back towards my car. I was parked across from a nice little skate park. After 80km of trail riding on the Bronsons it would be rude if we didn’t drop in for a quick session to finish the day off!

sk8 park wolsky

The day was done! Tired and reminiscing about the good times i packed the car and enjoyed the sun going down heading back up the sea to sky while eating anything and everything on the way! I left Chris with a nice little 30km warm down ride back to Kitsilano i was happy i knocked that leg of the ride out earlier in the morning!

driving home


Breakdown of our little adventure!

– Bike from Horseshoe Bay to Downtown

– Float Plane from Downtown to Sechelt

– 80k trail ride from Sechelt to Langdale

-Ferry from Langdale back to Horseshoe Bay

You can check some more stats here –

Now get out and ride summer is here!



3 thoughts on “Nomadic Adventure

  1. Looks like you had a magic day guys, a bit of adventure and a modest serving of the unknown!! Great way to make use of Chris’s winning sea plane tickets.

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