Bend It Like Johnston – Oregon Enduro Round Two

Round 2 of the Oregon Enduro Series was held in Bend over the past weekend! Races were greeted with a 4 stage enduro on a very fast, flowy and dusty course. Chris and myself arrived Wednesday evening and jumped straight into a few practice laps. The riding is very different in Oregon than what we are used to in BC but we are always happy to get our fix of high speed single track!

Check out some practice  action below –

Its always great to see the Santa Cruz Factory boys out riding hard! They had a sweet setup in Bend!

bike selection

Bike choice for Bend was always going to be tough. The course probably has the most pedalling of all the rounds in the Oregon Series. In the end Chris stuck with the Bronson and I went with the Blur TRc. I went with the Blur for its acceleration, light weight and pedal efficiency in the hopes it was going to gain me some time on the more longer pedaly stages. I ran a Maxxis Highroller II up front to deal with the blown and loose high speed corners followed with an Ardent LUST in the rear for a bomb proof setup. Chris ran the Bronson and used the advantage of a slightly bigger wheel to keep his traction down in the corners and general flow on the course. He ran a Maxxis Ardent Exo front and rear for the race.

Wolsky on stage 1 keeping it low over the many rock features Photo – Trent Hightower
Oregon Enduro Series Race #2  Bend, Oregon June 8, 2013
Johnston on stage 1 calm and collected in the rough! Photo – Mike Albright

The dust and dry conditions are always difficult to manage. We opted for the Smith pivlock V2 max sunnies over goggles for the weekend. They have a larger lens and provided the best coverage for keeping the dust out of our eyes while on course and allowing us to breathe efficiently.

Dylan on stage 4 hard at it up a short climb Photo – Trent Hightower

The video below best describes everyone post race. The burn of the dry air and dust that everyone consumed during practice and race day was pretty full on and left  a lot of people coughing and splattering after the race.

The race was held over one day this year and after the dust had settled Chris was left in 2nd place ahead of Josh Carlson and Carl Decker with Bend local Adam Craig taking the win! It was great to see Chris get a taste of what he is capable of and lets hope this will continue throughout the season! I had a pretty consistent day keeping it up right  with no crashes and was just outside the top 1o in 12th place. Seeing Chris killing it definitely adds fuel to the fire for me to get back where i left of last year biting on the heels of the top 5.

Chris breaking up the Giant team on their home turf taking 2nd place!

This year at the Oregon Enduro Series they have a new addition to the team. Tom Teller is the videographer of the series and has been pumping out some amazing race coverage. This little video is from race day in Bend, Chris has an interview and talks about the Bronson, i have a little clip on stage 2 on the step up and the video finishes with Chris on the podium!

Thats a wrap from Bend we are flying out tomorrow for New Mexico for the first round of the Big Mountain Enduro Series in Angel Fire

Happy trails,



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