Pemberton Enduro – Season Icebreaker

Last weekend marked our first race for the 2016 season. It was a hot and dry Spring day for the annual  Sea To Sky Enduro held In beautiful  Pemberton.  Pemby is located just 30min North of Whistler and boasts what we believe is some of the best all mountain riding in North America.

Looking across the valley its hard not to be mesmerized by the stunning Mount Currie.                   Photo: Davis English

The trails in Pemberton are at their all time best during the Spring and Fall months.  This year with a few sunny days creeping in at the end of April the trails had dried out and some places had already started to lay thick with some standard pemby powdered dirt which made for a few loose stages.

The race was a sold out event jammed with local and international talent that now call the Sea to Sky home.

Wolsky transitioning up to stage 3 


The event consisted of four amazing stages –

Stage 1 – Upper Mackenzie to Waco Connector

Johnston on the Bronson diving straight down the rock face on stage 1                                                     Photo – Todd Hellinga

After transitioning  up the famous Nimby climb riders line up to drop into Mackenzie trail. This trail starts off fast out of the gate which then lead into a rock roll G out that caught a lot of people by surprise at race speed at the top of the course. It soon steepens into some loose benched trail and narrow corners that required razor precision with plenty of steep shaley sections that always had you guessing just how fast you could go without blowing out the trail and sliding down the steep banks.

Stage 2 – Rudys to Overnight Sensation

Wolsky cutting into some fun and fast powdered dirt turns down Rudy’s trail.                                         Photo : Todd Hellinga 

The start of Rudys is high above the Nimby Climb located half way up Middle Earth climb, lets just say its a good slog to the top. Rudys trail is a fairly new addition to the Pemberton trail network, after a traverse at the start you have a punchy climb up on to a scenic ridge that then leads into some long and very fun and fast benched trail that weaves back and forth across the mountain. After hitting the fire road you drop into Overnight sensation which under heavy fatigue from the top half of the course provided a challenge with short punchy climbs and plenty of rock sections and loose dusty berms to keep you on you’re toes to the finish. This stage was the longest of the day with the pro field hitting times around the 13min mark.

Stage 3 – No Err

Johnston pre jumping into the rock rolls down No Err                                                                                    Photo : Todd Hellinga 

A quick spin over to the Mosquito lake zone and we are at the start of stage 3. No Err is a short and very fast 2min trail that shoots you into small rock ledge and roll sections at a blistering pace with a few small bends in the trail as you plummet to the finish.

Stage 4 – Econoline – Crosstown Traffic

Wolsky keeping it low and fast over the double at the top of Econoline.                                                 Photo: Todd Hellinga

The last stage was a great finisher to the day that descended from Mosquito lake down to the event staging area. With a good combination of fast terrain, rock features and plenty of berms and jumps it left everyone with a smile from ear to ear as they ripped across the finish line to wrap up a solid day or racing!


The Day In Numbers

Total Distance – 29.7km
Total Climbing – 1530m
Total Descent – 1482m

Evan and Dakota of Pemberton Taco’s had fresh tacos and cold brews waiting for riders when they returned to the pit area. The perfect way to wrap up a big day in the saddle.

Evan of Pemberton Taco serving up the goods at the finish

A big thanks goes out to Ian Kruger, PVTA, PORCA and all the volunteers that helped make this event a success!

On behalf of SantaCruz Bicycles Seb Kemp presents Ian Kruger with a fresh multi trail tool as a thanks for his contribution to the Pemberton biking community and another well organized event!


Find the full results here –

This was our first race of 5 on back to back weekends through May, be sure to follow us at our other upcoming events –

May 8th – BC Enduro North Shore, Vancouver
May 15th – BC Enduro Fraser Valley
May 21st -BC Enduro William’s Lake
May 28th – NImby 50 XC Race/Redbull Downtime
May -29th – Whistler Spring Classic North American Enduro Tour

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