Back Yard Back Country in Nelson, N.Z. – with Jamie Nicoll

Earlier this year I got back to NZ to visit friends and family and introduce my son to his first kiwi summer. Of course my bike was in tow and I planned to ride as much as I could on our almost country wide tour.

We spent a few weeks in Nelson and I got to ride a tonne of trails around town with friends old and new. Nelson is quickly growing into a top mountain bike destination and has some of the best trails around.

Fellow SCB rider Jamie Nicoll is a Nelson local, where he lives a modest life in his 60’s Bedford bus. For those of you that know Jamie, you know he’s down for an adventure and is not afraid of a bit of hard work. I had suggested to him that we should do an ‘off the beaten path’ adventure ride and of course he was keen. We didn’t have a lot of time to spare between our other commitments so he said “Lets just ride from town and head up into the mountains for a day trip” so thats what we did…


Words by – CJ

Filming and video editing by – CJ


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